Pop Out

The portable, semi–automatic device for push through blister packs.


The Pop Out deblistering machine recovers tablets and capsules from various blister pack formats with no set up or tooling required.  It takes the pain out of dispensing by reducing Repetitive Strain Injury and helps to increase efficiency.


  • Easy to use  
  • Suitable for deblistering many different pack formats and product sizes
  • Ideal for small batches 
  • No set up required between formats or product sizes 
  • Easily cleaned 
  • Compact, lightweight and affordable 
  • Each machine is fully tested and includes a 1 year guarantee                                                             
Machine Operation

Place blister pocket into the 'v' bracket on the stainless steel guide plate.  This triggers the push rod to swiftly jab the product out of the blister pocket.  Move the blister pack so that the next blister pocket is in the 'v' bracket and repeat until the blisterpack has been emptied of all product.